Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halftime show

Finding myself pulled in many directions at this time, forgive my lack of posts. I plan to give a more behind the scenes log when I get some time but for now here’s the halftime report!

Some things have tucked themselves into comfortable routines which will soon enough be shaken from the familiarity of this place where they were formed and thrown into the rush of life I am now only faintly remembering.

My main concern at present is to get a handle on the activities I enjoy that I can place in my schedule to keep my body happy and mobile. Things I can dedicate an hour a day toward like walking, running, tennis, a video to move with the kids to, a dance game on the Nintendo Wii, etc.

Here are my stats for the 1st half of this:

            Chest              Thigh             Calf             Arms              Hips              Waist
            56.5              38.5             18.75            21                 61                  62
            52.5              37                 18                 18                  55                  59.5
                50                 32.5              17.5              17                  55                  53___
            -6.5           -6           -1.25          -4             -6              -9     

I have lost over 32 inches! Gone! Off my body, never to return!

I am currently at 341 lbs. I started this program 2 months ago at 372.

The best part is I have gained muscle and lost only fat which makes
these numbers mean so much more to me than just 31 lbs.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

1st quarter review

This past Monday marked the 4 week mark of this 16 week journey. I had an appointment with Dr. Melina to go over my lab results. I was the last on added to this documentary which made all of my "initial" meetings to get my beginning stats later than the rest of the group. While they had everything taken care of before they moved in, I had my first BMI reading and body percentages taken 6 days after moving in. I only say that to help paint the mindset I had for myself as compared to the rest of the roommates. I was giving myself disclaimers, "Now Milt, expect lower numbers because you haven't been tracked as long" I'm glad I did. MJ and Shawn had amazing weight loss #'s, so much so, the Dr. said they are losing at an unhealthy rate. I know their is more to it but of course my thought was, "They look Awesome" I can really see their bodies shrinking. I'd been waiting for the day I can notice my own. Don't get me wrong, I can feel the difference in my clothes and my belt, my energy is much higher. However, when I look in the mirror I see the same body I've always know...Sometimes I wonder if that will always be the case to some degree?

We started the results day with our Saturday group activity. This week...Tennis.

Not gonna lie, I was as excited as I was nervous. My main request of an activity is that it has a big enough element of fun to it that you forget it's a workout. Tennis really delivered. I had a blast, I didn't even care that we we're being filmed. I can't wait to do it again and immediately tried to think of where I could play once I was home. My in-laws have courts in their neighborhood. I'm looking forward to taking my sweet Laura on a tennis date.

Then home for a quick shower and lunch, tuna salad.

My labs came back with 3 things that needed to be addressed:

  1. I need vitamin D, pretty common in the house, simple supplement fix.
  2. My Cholesterol level looks normal but she requested a test that breaks the reading down even further and it turns out I do have high Cholesterol. This however, can (and is) being corrected through diet.
  3. C-RP or Reactive Protein test results. First, here is a breakdown:
          C-reactive protein (CRP) is a protein that can be measured in your blood. It appears in higher amounts when there's swelling (inflammation) somewhere in your body. Your doctor may check your C-reactive protein level after surgery or treatment for infections or other medical conditions. A C-reactive protein test can also be used to evaluate your risk of developing coronary artery disease, a condition in which the arteries of your heart are narrowed. Coronary artery disease can eventually lead to a heart attack.

         Results are read like this; less than 1 = low, 2-3 = average, greater than 3 = high. One other roommate   had a "high" result, he had a 4. I on the other hand had an 11.36! 4x the "high" end of the spectrum. My heart sank as the Dr. emphasized her point,"Do you realize how much at risk you are for heart issues?" and returning to her normal tone, "The good news is that this number along with your cholesterol level, are highly influenced by your diet." No doubt these numbers are, and will continue to, improve as you implement the habits you are learning.

Now for the good news. Here are my 1 month accomplishments:

  • I have lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks here! (totaling a 37.5 lb loss since Laura and I began change 6/13/12)
  • I have lost 15 inches from my body including 5 inches from my belly!
  • I have gone from 60.2% body fat to 53.3% boy fat! A huge 7% drop!!!
Moving forward so grateful and determined to push hard. Glory to God! 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Color Test Results = Primary White, Secondary Blue…

Color Test Results = Primary White, Secondary Blue…

The 4 of us were asked to take a personality quiz from the book Color Code.  It’s pretty amazing how well the results have us pegged. If I post anything like the following you’ll know it’s para-phrased from a section of the book:
  • Whites are peacemakers and value peace over anything else, but push a white to do something they don’t feel comfortable doing and they will resist and shut down. This is often quickly, but sincerely, followed by an apology to regain a state of peace.
  • Blues highly value the need to be known and understood, they often feel the need to tell you about their shortcomings so that you can better understand them as a person
  • Whites are known for being silent in thought during conversation
  • Blues are known for being emotive…lol, they got my number!

What’s up with my feet!

Although I have had some powerful breakthroughs recently I’ve been dealing with another physical setback. I have had issues with my feet for some time now (maybe even years).  Looked up the pain online at and the four suggestions to prevent the pain I’m experiencing is:
1.       Wear properly fitting shoes
2.       Place insoles or inserts in your shoes to help control abnormal foot motion
3.       Maintain a healthy weight
4.       Exercise and do foot stretches as they have been shown to decrease the incidence of heel pain
Bought some new shoes for work and when I went to a local CVS to get the inserts they had the biggest Dr. Schools selection I have ever seen! Only 1 product was sold out…the heel inserts I need, ha.
At least I’m heading in the right direction on the road to recovery =)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

week 3

Labor Day weekend...
I got the green light to go home on Saturday afternoon and spend 2 nights, marking the first time sleeping in my bed in 3 weeks. This past week felt different. I entered with a fresh determination a re-focus which seemed pathetic to me that it was needed after only 2 weeks but when I left my kids last Sunday I found my inner monologue shouting, "you better make this worth it Milt, you better not be losing at the same rate you could have at home because your family deserves your BEST effort!" My leg felt confident taking more risks since my injury. I really tried (and succeeded) in keeping that anthem all week long. I caught myself:
  • Pushing hard in my workout
  • listening intently for my body to tell me when I was no longer hungry during meals
  • trying to keep things fun and positive for my roommates
  • deepening my trust with the professionals I am submitting to
  • taking time to lay myself aside and love on everyone
  • taking time to rest for myself
balance, balance, balance...above all swimming in gratitude toward God. More aware of this gift of life and the ability to dig deeper.
I had an additional motivation; to get past my wall. For as long as I can remember I have always had the same result no matter what vehicle I was using to lose weight, this wall, my wall, the 30 lbs. loss marker.
I've tried Fen Phen, Weight Watchers, Atkins, Personal Trainer, Calorie counting, etc.
and whether I became bored, hit a deadline (for a trip or event), got frustrated or whatever the reason; as soon as I lost 30 lbs I stopped and then gained it all back + more.
8 weeks prior to joining this program Laura and I were committing to change and fueled with the generosity of my mom offering to pay for me to join Weight Watchers. At the initial weigh-in I not only had my starting weight for this Documentary but the encouraging news that I had lost 23 lbs at WW. At the beginning of week 3 here I had lost 7 lbs. and faced with the reality the I was in the familiar face of my old rival -30 lbs.
In my initial meeting with Dr. Melina I discovered that although I was not the heaviest person in the house I am, by far, the unhealthiest with a 60.2% of body fat. I have had to battle some depression that attached itself to this news (regret of waisted years not involved in any physical activity) but it also made me the first (and currently the only) person in the house placed on a daily protein supplement. What this meant to me was I would be building muscle and that I must prepare myself for a slower rate of weight loss, even a week of losing 0 pounds.
In short: Push harder but don't expect your results on the scale. No problem. I did what I could and was rewarded at this mornings weigh-in with a 6 lb loss! Wow! looks like I get to bid farewell to my old burden of -30 as I currently sport a -36 lb milestone. I place that obstacle in the past along with a lot of baggage that it built over the years.
I was able to make 2 new recipes for my wife over the weekend. I made her a veggie spaghetti sauce with fresh Broccoli, Zucchini, Onions, and Mushrooms over an organic brown-rice penne pasta. I also made fresh Ceviche with Shrimp, Scallops, and Calamari. Yum!
Most Importantly! Today, for the first time in my life, I truly believe I am going to accomplish my goal and finally gain victory over this bondage of self-worthlessness and obesity! and THAT my friends is the gift of a life without limits, a life that I here and now fully dedicate to Jesus Christ and the will of His Father!

Friday, August 24, 2012

week 2 recap Struggling...

It's Friday and as we are wrapping up the 2nd week I feel I've hit a small wall. Laura was able to come down and see the house yesterday. I got home from work and got through 1/2 of my cardio for the day then she arrived quickly changed into some workout gear and joined me for the 2nd half. We loved it. I felt so blessed to have her laughter so near me, to hear her catch me p on little things the kids were doing. We had dinner (vegetable soup) and worked on a puzzle with Carolyn while Shawn decide to chill in the other room. MJ came home with Peter and his dear friend Megan and brought some good noise to the house. Everything was great except poor Shawn who was obviously having a bad day was set on taking some alone time. Dinner was frustration, up until the night before it felt like we were on a vegetarian run. and along the soup was fitting, it just didn't satisfy.

Another big issue was my ego...Randy came to video our workout on Wednesday evening and although I didn't intend to , I overdid it for the camera and really set myself back a couple steps on the recovery of my hamstring/knee. now the knee feels very loose. Ugh!

Laura left around 9:30 and I couldn't get to sleep, my legs were jittery, just restless. it was very hard to submit to the alarm clock this morning and I'm sure Constance could tell I was struggling to give 100% in the workout this morning.

All in all, I'm feeling better, just need a good nap. Had a good talk with Shawn, my love is really growing for my roommates. 

This Sunday I get to see Laura as we celebrate 6 years of marriage together! Thank you Jesus!


Here is how my leg looks a week after I pulled my hamstring, got the outer shot on top and the inner shot below it. Pretty gnarly, huh?

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Week 1 recap

On Saturday August 11th I packed 2 suitcases with all of my clothes, kissed my wife and kids a temporary goodbye and headed down to the Hollywood hills to meet my new roommates. A week prior I found out that I was invited to participate in a documentary. Here's the pitch; I am housed with 3 other obese individuals and we are under the guidance of a physical trainer and nutritionist. I am still holding a full time job (my boss was gracious enough to let me transfer for the 4 months) the goal is to see how a willing person can gain results by being educated and applying healthy habits while maintaining the expectations of a normal lifestyle (work, school, etc.) The focus is 20% physical activity (an hour workout 5 days a week, and saturday group activity) and 80% nutrition. I will be able to see Laura and the kiddo's on Sundays.

House rules:
  • We rotate some basic chores,
  • maximum of 2 hours of TV a day,
  • reading a book and every wednesday we have a book club night.
  • in Bed by 10pm for 8hrs of sleep each night,
  • up at 6am Workout at 6:45am mon-friday,
  • group activity every Saturday.
Week 1 first impressions:
  • House; WOW!
  • Roommates; Friendly, Loud, Courtious, Nervious (as well), Fun. Carolyn is a joyful, swwet soul, has a great laugh. MJ has already done a lot of living, very knowledgable and is eual parts of straight forward and charming. Shawn is filled with compassion and has lived the least out of us, Looking forward to getting to know all of them very well.
  • Workout; Tougher  than I expected out of the gate, energizing, Love the trainer, Constance! She has a great ear and is really investing herself into this project.
  • Nutritionist; Heather Fleming = Amazing! again, investing her heart and soul into us, meals have been so filling! She is trying to break our mindset of "eating healthy means starving yourself" I love every meal idea she has come up with, looking forward to sharing with Laura.

Obsticles or Negatives:
  • Monday, Wednesday, were filled with energy. Tuesday, Thursday were not.
  • very difficult staying away while at work. 
  • Having a hard time sleeping at night and very busy during the day.  
  • Wednesday I felt very hungry when I got off of work and we had a lot of business to tend to before getting to eat.
  • Missing my family tremendously, I get no signal in the house so it is frustration not being able to communicate with my wife.
  • Friday during our workout I pulled a hamstring, PTL is wasn't serious but it puts me behind and affects my momentum.
  • weighned in at 372 on Monday Morning, 2 months ago I was 395!
  • enjoying the healthy food and the workouts.
  • get to talk with Laura for 10-15minutes everyday driving to and from work
  • Feeling all the prayers from home as I adapt to my new surroundings and lifestyle
  • Get to see my best friend and our babies tomorrow! (Sunday)